Probably a little bit of both. Here are some situations that make people cheat:

1. Bored
I'd say this is the most common reason that people cheat.
Things start off grand and then level off and then you both
realize that it's still real life.
When you meet someone else, that inaugural excitement
of a new relationship kicks back in.

2. Dependence
At first glance, cheating seems like independent behavior.
A cheater is dependent because they are not strong enough
to break up with their significant other in order to
get with the new person.
3. Confusion
Sometimes life or a particular situation can get to you.
in your head, you make mistakes.

4. Because They Let You
If any girl ever cheated on me,
I'd break up with her immediately.
and starts a vicious cycle.
That person who cheated may lose respect for you
and might continue to cheat-because they know
they can get away with it, because
you'll continue to take them back.

5. Nurturing
If someone is mistreating you,
then your first instinct is to get away from him or her.
But sometimes it's not that simple-
maybe you are raising kids together.
If you feel trapped in a bad relationship,
it's only natural that you will run to the open arms
of a person who treats you well.

6. Revenge
This is quite simple- an eye for an eye.
Cheat on them if they cheat on you.
If they continuously hurt you or abuse you in some way,
you do it to get them back.

7. Confirmation of Attractiveness
Sometimes when you're in a long relationship,
or if your significant other is taking you for granted,
Perhaps, because you were out on the dating circuit,
you felt more attractive when you were single.
If you have an affair,
you've proven that a new person can be attracted to you.

8. The Thrill
Some people just enjoy the thrill of cheating:
running around secretly, risking getting caught,
andcreating thrilling moments with a forbidden romance.

9. They Don't Consider It Cheating,
Even Though You Might

I don't understand why people don't break up
as soon as they have an urge to cheat.
Is it natural to have temptation,
or is temptation a sign that the relationship is losing its fire?
What reasons would you add to this list,
and do you disagree with any?
If you've ever cheated, why did you do it?
Could you forgive a cheater?
If you are single, but seeing a person who is in a
committed relationship, does that make you a cheater?
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