• Oct 10 Wed 2007 12:40
  • 10.10

 just concerned about mylife and my new goal for the next stop.
cuz i m getting tired of this now .my work, people who are annoying me. 
and maybe its the right time to get all of this shit out and go back to school. 
coz my co-worker mimi warned me so yesterday.
"its a good timing for you to explore your future.
 you are single and dont need to worry about husband. babies, like me.
 if i were you, i would go and nothing can stop me."
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  • Ellen
  • JUST  DO  IT !!!

  • Anita
  • I see I see...
    So you want to do your masters or go overseas?
    I reckon if you have the chance and you'd like to do some more studies
    Do it while  you're still young..
    I think after working for a couple of years,
    you do see study from a different perspective,
    making you a better student... haha

    After having said that, I can't really call myself a good student now...
    cuz I m in love with pool these couple of months
    and it's taking me a lot of time to practice everyday :P