what's happening ??
where is mine??
just lost again....
i've found the song that i was looking for long since two years ago.
hold me back. please...
i hate crying.

I Offer My Life


All that  I am    all  that I have     I  lay them down      before You       O Lord

all my  regrets     all  my  acclaim

the joy and  the pain  I’m making them yours

things in  the past    things yet  un-seen   wishes  and dreams that are yet  to  come true

all of  my hopes    all  of  my plans

my heart and my  heart are  lift-ed   to You


Lord  I   of-fer   my  life  to you

ev-‘ry-thing I’ve been through use  it  for  Your  glory

Lord  I   of-fer   my days  to  You

Lifting my praise  to  You  as  a   pleas-ing  sacrifice

Lord  I   offer  You my  life

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